Feb. 21 to Feb. 23, 2025 at The Alliant Energy Center
The Dragonfly Rod Holder is the first of many innovative fishing products we plan to bring to market.  The sole purpose of this product is to enhance your fishing experience by helping the angler perform efficiently.  Whether you are tying on a new fly/lure, or trying to snap a picture of your beautiful catch while juggling your rod, camera, net, and fish, the Dragonfly is the perfect hand you can use when you need it most.
The Dragonfly is designed to clip onto a standard wading belt, but will also easily attach to your waist band, waist pack, or really anywhere you prefer to hold it.  The Dragonfly also includes a logo embroidered velcro patch to use as a fly patch, or to attach other accessories.  Most all fly rods or spinning reel rods will fit.  img_20161102_084955