Feb. 21 to Feb. 23, 2025 at The Alliant Energy Center

Jim Pahl-Washa

Trailering & Tow Vehicle Tips – Don’t Be “THAT Guy”

Jim will be sharing tips on boat and trailer setup in preparation for the upcoming fishing & boating season. Don’t be “That Guy” who breaks down on the road before the fishing trip even gets started. Jim will cover key aspects of trailering that will add to your fishing skillset. Every fisherman should consider their boat and trailer just as important as the rest of their fishing tackle. Start the season out right by avoiding unnecessary trailer problems and by being prepared to handle any unforeseen problems when they occur.

Trailer & Tow Vehicle Preparation:
• Tires, brakes & electrical tips
• Toolbox & Repair tips: What to pack
• Trailer loading & tongue weight
• Trailer security
• 15 points of a vessel/trailer safety exam
• Understanding the hazards of trailering long distances

BIO: Jim, a native of Madison, Wisconsin, has been a member of America’s Boating Club™ for more than 30 years. As a DNR certified instructor and vessel examiner, Jim regularly teaches boating safety and skills courses when not on the water. As a passionate walleye fisherman and dedicated trailer boater, Jim has trailered throughout the Great Lakes, Wisconsin river systems and Canada.

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