Feb. 24 to Feb. 26, 2023 at The Alliant Energy Center

Jason Przekurat

The Latest and Hottest Walleye Tactics – Friday, February 25, 6:00PM (Room D)

Understanding Walleye Structure – Saturday, February 26, 3:00PM (Room D)

Understanding what makes a piece of structure good is often overlooked. 2020 National Walleye Tour Champion Jason Przekurat will show you how to dissect any type of walleye structure and also show you how to find the “sweet spots” within the structure. You don’t want to miss this seminar as he will show you actual screenshots from his electronics to see what he is looking for.


Jason Przekurat grew up fishing the Wisconsin River at a very young age. Little did he know that those early days, honing his skills, would now pay off into achieving a fishing resume that many would only dream about.

Since 1995, when Przekurat started his tournament career, he took it upon himself to become a student of the game. He says that every day on the water is a learning experience. Never satisfied is the approach he takes. Always thinking he could be better.

Jason’s dream became reality in 2007 when he turned full-time as a professional walleye fisherman. Here a just some of the accomplishments he’s earned along the way.

The first major came in 2000, winning the MWC World Walleye Championship on the Mississippi River. Then in 2007, he won the FLW Walleye Tour event in Red Wing, MN. Jason is a 2 Time winner of the prestigious FLW Walleye Tour “Angler of the Year” award. He won it in 2003 and again in 2007 along with the Ranger Cup award. His next major title came in 2016, when he won the prestigious National Walleye Tour Championship on Lake Oahe in Mobridge, SD and in 2020 he won the National Walleye Tour Championship again, to become the first angler win the Championship twice.



Career earnings- $785,995

Career Top Ten finishes- 43

Career Top Ten Angler of the Year finishes- 14

Career Major Victories- 4

Largest 5 fish limit- 43lbs 3 oz.


Major Titles-

2000 MWC World Walleye Champion

2003 FLW Walleye Tour Angler of the Year

2007 FLW Walleye Tour Angler of the Year

2007 Ranger Cup Champion

2007 FLW Walleye Tour Champion Mississippi River Qualifier

2016 National Walleye Tour Champion

2020 National Walleye Tour Champion