Feb. 23 to Feb. 25, 2024 at The Alliant Energy Center

Brian Schiller

Adam Walton holding pike

Friday, Feb. 24th 4:30pm | Room A: Top 10 Accessories For Kayak Fishing.

The most common question someone asks while buying a kayak is “What else do I need?” Join Kayak Fishing Professional Brian Schiller as he breaks down the must haves for making your kayak fishing trips safe, enjoyable, and more successful. Stay through the entire seminar as there will definitely be some bonus accessories, and a few giveaways.

Saturday, Feb. 25th 10:30am | Room A: Intro to Kayak Fishing & Tournaments.

The fastest growing part of fishing right now is kayak fishing. With gas and big bass boats at an all time high, kayak fishing has made it affordable to get to those favorite or hard to reach fishing spots. Understand the fundamentals of kayak fishing as you adventure out for your first or hundredth time. As you gain experience,  gain confidence, you may decide to try your competitive edge in kayak fishing tournaments. Explore all the competitive options nationwide from small grassroots clubs all the way up to the national trails. Kayak Pro Brian Schiller gives you his insights from being a beginner to becoming a hammer on the tournament trails.

As the sport of kayak fishing started to grow, Brian just had to try it, as he reflected back on the days of his youth fishing from a canoe. He instantly fell in love with the intimacy, and a closer connection to the water out his little plastic boat. The stealth and far to reach places to touch unpressured waters are endless. With blogging, Youtube videos, and other ventures in the fishing world in his past, he figured why not jump onto the next upcoming trend of media, podcasts. Brian and a fellow angler started the Paddle N Fin Podcast in 2018, and grew it into a 7 day a week show with a multitude of different segments and hosts. Meanwhile chasing down his tournament dreams fishing the Kayak Bass Fishing Series. He also started and runs the Unlimited podcast brought to you by NuCanoe.  As his experience in the industry grew in the media, he ultimately landed his dream job working in marketing for Dubro Fishing. One thing he always stayed true to is educating and helping grow the sport he loves, fishing.


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