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The new four-inch Jerk Minnow features a slightly split tail that delivers a swift and lifelike action that imitates the swimming and fleeing motion of common baitfish.  The new, smaller profile, is perfect for heavily fished waters that require a more subtle technique than the five-inch version.

Kalins Jerk Minnow MIdwest Outdoors

As proven on John Gillespie’s television program, The Jerk Minnow is a great “catch anything” bait that is easy to fish, rig, and throw.  It casts like a bullet and all anglers have to do is rig it on a Kalin’s Darter jig head, throw it out, let is sink to the bottom, employ a sharp jerk, and repeat.  Fish often pound it as it falls or just after you pop it off the bottom.  The lure can also be rigged weedless and worked around floating and submerged vegetation in a jerk, pause, jerk technique.

In reality, the Jerk Minnow is only limited by the creativity of the angler casting it! It works on nearly any game fish that swims in fresh or salt water and comes in six colors that work across the globe.