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The Acme Kastmaster, produced by Hard and Soft Fishing, has been an icon in the fishing industry for decades.  No attention to detail has been spared in the jewel-like-finish that catches all species of fish in fresh, salt, hard, and open waters.

Acme Glow:UV Kastmaster

But now, they are taking that jewel-like finish and making is shine even brighter!

New for 2016 are the Glow and UV Series Kastmasters available in 1/24 to 3/8 ounce models.  Months in testing has led ACME’s field testers to believe that these spoons could be one of the best new baits around.

“Whether you are fishing deep, in stained water, or at night,” said Matt Bichanich, the National Sales Manager for Hard and Soft Fishing.  “The new GLOW and UV Kastmasters are going to produce.  Forget about adding tape to spoons or doctoring them up.  They are ready to go right out of the box in sizes that will catch anything that swims.”

Natural daylight will “energize” the spoons but anglers can also speed up the process by shining a bright flashlight on them, or even using a light from a cell phone.  Fish can see the baits for a long way and will come in ready to pulverize.


Hard & Soft Fishing has roots dating back to 1922, when their first brand, Uncle Josh, began manufacturing in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  They have grown to represent nearly every tackle category on the market for both ice and open-water fishing.  From the Pacific to the Atlantic and all the lakes and rivers in-between, they produce bait and tackle that has been helping anglers catch more fish for decades.  Employees don’t simply produce tackle, the use it on the weekends.