While the Wisconsin Fishing Expo is well known for its hardcore, no-nonsense fishing tactics, it also presents the perfect opportunity to introduce young kids to the family-friendly sport of fishing. We know that families—kids specifically—like plenty of interaction and entertainment to keep them engaged and that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Wisconsin Fishing Expo. It’s our goal to help get them engaged and interested TODAY so they’re better prepared to inherit this earth and its waters, TOMORROW. To help educate these young anglers, The Wisconsin Fishing Expo offers timeless seminars, each delivering a basic “101” approach, that are easy to understand and action packed. These classes will help jump start their angling passion. From tying a knot to baiting a hook—we’re making it easy for parents and kids to get the basic strategies and techniques they need to help them put more fish on the bank or in the boat.
In fact, many of the vendors at the event themselves offer programs and goods that can help the kids become more educated and better stewards of this great sport. But, let’s not forget—sometimes kids need to be kids. With sports and other activities taking up so much time from families, once in a while it’s nice to just play a game—no pressure, no strings (well, some of our games do involve string, but….you get the idea). From face painting, to minnow racing, to trout fishing, to casting competitions, or “catching” a goodie bag—there are enough free and low cost events at the Wisconsin Fishing Expo for a family to spend the entire day for far less than a movie and popcorn at the local cinema! The Wisconsin Fishing Expo is all about getting kids educated and excited about fishing. When kids leave the Expo—we want them asking mom or dad when and where they’re going fishing next!