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Jordan Weeks Bio

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Jordan is originally from Stoughton, Wisconsin and graduated from Stoughton High School in 1994. From 1994 to 1999 he attended US-Stevens Point and received a BS double majoring in both Fisheries and Biology. In 2003, he began a graduate assistantship at UW-SP in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in fisheries.

Jordan worked as a fisheries technician for the WI DNR at the Escanaba Lake Fisheries Research Station from 1999 to 2001 and for the WI DNR as a fisheries technician in Woodruff, Eau Claire and Spooner from 2001 to 2003. Jordan completed a comprehensive walleye and muskellunge movement project in 2005 and was hired as inland Fisheries Biologist by the WI DNR in May of that year. He currently leads a team of biologists and technicians on the Mississippi. River. He is the WDNR Musky Standing Team Leader (Statewide Musky Management Team) and is Wisconsin’s representative on the Esocid Technical Committee (part of the American Fisheries Society) working with fisheries representatives from throughout the US. In addition, Jordan has been Musky Hunter Magazine’s Research Editor since 2006, authoring more than 60 articles.

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