Feb. 21 to Feb. 23, 2025 at The Alliant Energy Center

Garrett Svir Bio

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Garett Svir is the owner of Slab Seeker Fishing Guide Service in Minnesota. Owning one of the only guide operations in the Midwest that focuses exclusively on panfish has allowed Garett to come up with a system that includes lake selection, seasonal patterns, tackle selection and all the details to help you hunt the biggest trophy bluegills and crappies in your home area. As a seminar speaker, Garett has taught his system of hunting trophy caliber panfish all over the Midwest with venues that included the Northwest Sport Show and now the Wisconsin Fishing Expo! A regular contributor to In-Fisherman Magazine, Garett has a passion for sharing his daily experiences on the water and helping anglers become more efficient and effective at catching more and bigger panfish. Garett is also a member of the Minnesota DNR Panfish Workgroup, a workgroup helping consult the DNR on managing the states panfish and spreading the message of selective harvest to protect big panfish genetics for future generations. As a prostaff member Garett represents the Ice Team, Crestliner Boats, Mercury Marine, Northland Fishing Tackle and JT Outdoor Products. Garett has a passion for fishing and panfish that we find contagious and think you’ll agree.

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