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Rogers, MN January 1st, 2016 – Every now and then the mouse trap is changed to be more effective at its job.  In our case we are talking about the brand new STRAIGHT-WIRE™ Spinnerbait which will be unveiled at the Chicago Musky Show on January 8th, 9th, and 10th.

The Bigtooth Tackle Straight-Wire Spinnerbait brings a new design to the world of large spinnerbaits.  With the unique design the “Straight-Wire” keeps and supports the second hook to stay inline.

Fish with big jaws and giant teeth don’t stand a chance with the super high hooking percentage.  The “Straight-Wire” is armed with two giant 9/0 Single hooks but remains weedless with the inline stationary design.

The weedless body design first cut through thick cover, coupled with the short arm, the Straight-Wire fishes clean which means more efficiency for the angler casting.  Hand picked quality skirt along with a giant soft-plastic tail makes the bait come to life.

With attention to detail and topping off the features the “Straight-Wire” is built with the best willow blade on the market, quality swivel, and shrink tube around the wire wrap to eliminate the blade from fouling and insures maximum rotation.

“Spinnerbaits are one of the most versatile tools in an anglers tackle box.  The design of the Bigtooth Straight-Wire takes this versatility to a new level. Bulge it on the surface, grind it through weeds, or slow roll it over rocks…  If I could only fish one bait all season, this would be it.”  – Jeremy Baalke Bigtooth Pro Staff


Bigtooth Tackle Straight-Wire Spinnerbait


  • Two quality 9/0 hooks greatly improve hooking percentage and solve the age old problem of spinnerbaits not being able to get around the jaw of big fish.
  • Hooks are wired together which means the bait tracks true every cast and totally eliminates the possibility of failure.
  • Short arm and head design allow the bait to ride through and over thick cover.
  • Quality lasting skirt and soft-plastic tail provide a life-like action.
  • A quality swivel and shrink tubed wire wrap eliminate blade fouling.
  • Comes in a Mag two hook design and a Mini Single Hook.


Video:  https://youtu.be/Orx76xRdO3g

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