The GUNKStick Booth #216

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A good day of fishing ruined by cottonwood seeds and other fine debris knotting up your line and “gunking” up your reel is a thing of the past! The GUNKStick was designed to catch and remove anything from cottonwood seeds to weeds. Whether you are a die-hard fisherman or dig the rod and reel out of the garage for the occasional afternoon fishing trip, we know that the GUNKStick can help you. Spend more time catching fish and less time passing holes that have gunk floating on the surface and plugging your reel when you use our product! We are proud to say that every process that goes into creating the GUNKStick is sourced in the USA.


Stop by booth #216 and check out our product!

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  1. C Ruff

    Is the fee of $10. for the whole weekend or just the day you visit? Will be coming in late on Friday night and want to experience the whole show, so will try to come on Friday night and again on Sat. Can you email me with the response. Thank you.

    • fishexpo_admin

      Admission to the WI Fishing Expo is $10 per day. HOWEVER, if you’re coming Friday night, here’s how you can get in for free on Saturday.

      With a regular $10 admission to the show Friday night (Muskie Night), a special FREE “Muskie Night” raffle ticket can be picked up in the seminar area beginning at 5:30PM. There is a portion of this “Muskie Night” raffle ticket that you MUST hang on to and it acts as a FREE ticket back into the Wisconsin Fishing Expo on Saturday (only), AFTER 2pm.

      Show hours are:
      Fri: 4-9pm
      Sat: 9am-7pm
      Sun: 9am-4pm